• Formula 1 Powerpac B Lesson 5, Uneven Division - One-Digit Divisor Formula I Math Powerpacs

Formula 1 Powerpac B Lesson 5, Uneven Division - One-Digit Divisor
Average working time 20 minutes per lesson.


Each of the six lessons per Powerpac represents a highly motivating approach to a basic math skill. Each concept is introduced in simple terms and is taught in a step-by-step sequence increasing difficulty to build understanding and ensure success. The tone of each lesson is informal and positive, and a listen-respond-evaluate technique is used throughout to gain a high degree of student involvement.

Each Powerpac lesson is designed to be a self-contained unit of instruction.

Use: Lessons in the Powerpac are self-directing and enable the student to work independently. However, they may also be used successfully in small group situations involving students with similar needs and abilities.

Organization: Each audio, with its accompanying student activity pages constitutes a self-contained lesson. The lessons in the Powerpac may be used in any order, depending upon the needs and abilities of the individual student.

The Audio: Each audio begins with an informal greeting from the narrator, setting the tone for personal interaction which is maintained throughout the lesson. The narrator not only explains the material and directs the student’s work, but contributes the strong personal support and encouragement.

Occasional pauses allow the student to respond to the narrator’s questions. For most of the actual problem solving, however, the student is directed to turn off the player and complete work on the activity page. After finishing the work prescribed by the narrator, the student starts the player again and checks answers at the narrator’s direction.

The use of headsets is recommended for individual and small group use to avoid disturbing other students and to eliminate room noise.

The Student Response Pages: Each audio is accompanied by 4 printable activity student response pages. In most lessons, the first three pages are completed by the students as while listening to the audio. The responses on these pages are self-checked with answers given by the narrator. However, it is recommended that the teacher look over the student’s work at the end of the lesson to determine the degree of understanding of the concepts presented. For most of the lessons, the last page contains review exercises which the student is asked to complete after the audio has finished playing. Work from this this page will allows the teacher to ascertain the extent to which the student has understood and applied the concepts presented in the lesson.

It should be noted that the narrator does not ask the student to mark incorrect responses. If you wish the student to do so, instruct accordingly before audio is started.

The Teacher’s Manual: This teacher’s manual contains individual lessons guides for each lesson in the Powerpac. The first part of each lesson guide includes an estimate of the time needed by the student to complete the entire lesson. It should be remembered that individual differences among students will account for some variation in this time.

Under the section entitled Background Needed, you will find a statement of the prior knowledge a student should have to derive the optimum benefit from the lesson. The section entitled In the Lesson contains a summary of skills and topics presented in the order in which they are introduced on the audio. Also provided in this section are special instructions concerning the organization of the activity pages or the need of scratch paper or a ruler.

Under the Vocabulary heading, the special term and symbols introduced in the lesson are defined. The Evaluation portion deals with the review page of the activity pages, usually page 4, which is completed by the student after the audio has finished playing.

For convenience in evaluating student performance, each lesson guide includes reproductions of the response activity paged with answers overprinted.

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Formula 1 Powerpac B Lesson 5, Uneven Division - One-Digit Divisor

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