• Reading Step by Step Unit 2 Letter Sounds

Reading Step by Step Unit 2 Letter Sounds

Lesson 1 Initial Consonants
Lesson 2 Initial Consonants
Lesson 3 Initial Consonants
Lesson 4 Initial Consonants
Lesson 5 Word Discrimination
Lesson 6 Word Discrimination
Lesson 7 Final and Medial Consonants
Lesson 8 Consonant Blends
Lesson 9 Consonant Blends
Lesson 10 Digraphs and Diphthongs
Lesson 11 Long Vowels
Lesson 12 Short Vowels

This phonics decoding and comprehension competency foundation building program is a valuable tool for teaching the first critical steps in the reading process! Ideal for individuals and small groups.  Letter sounds and decoding reinforcement are the focus of Unit 2 where skills taught include: consonants in initial position; discriminating consonant sounds using rhyming words; discriminating initial, medial, and final consonant sounds; consonant blends; consonant diagraphs and diphthongs; and long and short vowel sounds.  Comprehensive and expertly paced instruction are systematically used to develop auditory discrimination, auditory motor, visual motor, and auditory memory skills. Appealing illustrations and large print are combined with dramatization, dialogue, music and sound effects. Reading Step by Step is ideal for kindergarten through third grade and is a valuable tool for learning disabled students at primary and intermediate grade levels.

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Reading Step by Step Unit 2 Letter Sounds

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