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Reading Correlations and Reading Assessment Information

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The Reading Correlation Chart is used by reading specialists to determine equivalent reading levels to the Fry Formula used to develop The Classics Series, Shakespeare Series and Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Series. 

Click here to learn about the Diagnostic Reading Assessment an Informal Reading Inventory for Grades 1-10

The Reading Assessment formula is based on the number of words per sentence, syllables per word and paragraph length. Typically the content is "high-interest/low-readability" meaning it is appropriate for older students reading below grade level. The reading assessment will assist in placing students at an appropriate reading level.

Rule of Thumb Reading Placement without Charts or Tests

Non-specialists often ask what level to begin a student. It is best to start with a book that is one or two steps below the reading level of the student. Grade level is not the defining factor unless the student is reading "on-level" and even in this case it is best to start with a level below the grade to avoid reading frustration and improve self-esteem. Once 90% or better reading comprehension success rate is achieved, begin the next reading level. EDCON has developed an Informal Reading Inventory to diagnostic and assess reading ability and to place students into an appropriate reading level.